For all of our clients listing their property we provide the following complimentary services: Professional Staging, Landscaping, Home Cleaning, and HDR Photography.

Seller Experience

In the current real estate climate of “discount’ brokers, we decided we would go the other way, and invest in our sellers by offering the best services in the industry to help them present their home for sale in the best possible way. We provide FREE home staging, FREE landscaping, & FREE professional home cleaning for every one of our listings, in addition to working with top, professional photographers for marketing content. We’ve found that investing in preparing our sellers’ homes with all these free services gets a much better return for the seller than just discounting our commission a percent or two.

We also have a long list of contractors that we have vetted for quality and affordability that we refer to our sellers when any work needs to be done to prepare their home for sale. We are happy to help coordinate getting work done at a reasonable price, which always results in a great return on investment for our sellers.

Our goal is to help reduce the stresses of selling a home, while also maximizing the profit for our sellers.

Request a personalized CMA for your home!

A Comparative Market Analysis is an excellent way to get an expert opinion on the value of your home using comparables in your area. This service is free and takes only a few seconds to fill out the form.

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